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A walk in the Treetops - Slovakia

The wooden path on which the walk allows us to admire the beauty of the surrounding nature is located on the border of the Tatra and Pieniny National Park in the village of Zdziar in the middle of the Bachledova Valley in Slovakia. This picturesque trail is only 40 km away from Zakopane, so while spending time in the Tatra Mountains, it is worth taking advantage of the OtoTatry one-day trips offer and visiting a place with a breathtaking view.

The path in the Bachleda Valley - the first point of the trip

The length of the trail is 1234 m. To reach it, we can safely and comfortably use a new gondola lift, or there is a path for hiking enthusiasts, which, however, is not the easiest one. Various surfaces, steep approaches, and the route itself is about 1.5 km long.

The highest point of the path allows us to be 24 meters above the ground. At the end of our hike, we come to a 32-meter lookout tower from which we can admire the peaks of the Belianske Tatras, the panorama of the Pieniny Mountains and Zamagur.

An additional attraction at the top is a net with an area of ​​88 m2, on which we can stand and look at the difference that separates us from the ground, a 32-meter gap arouses a lot of emotions. Of course, not everyone has to climb it.

For those who like adrenaline, there is also a 67-meter slide, which can be used by people over 120 m tall, the so-called adrenaline corners are available to anyone who wants to feel a thrill in safe conditions.

A walk in the treetops - what is worth knowing!

The observation tower and the pavement are adapted for the entry of prams and wheelchairs. The width of the path is 1.8 m, and the gentle slope (2-6%) makes it easy to move along the footbridge. The treetop walk is designed for people of all ages.

Educational stops are available for treetop walks. From the information boards, which in particular attract the attention of the youngest, you can learn various interesting facts, see the animals and vegetation found in the Tatra forests. An interesting attraction on the footbridge are also secured fitness stops. Thanks to the passage through various footbridges, nets or on moving beams, you can feel like a conqueror!

Pets are not allowed on the treetop path. For people who are on a trip with their pet, there is a place with access to water where you can leave your pet for free.

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